Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The zombies are revolting ! Attack the city with a horde of zombies, change pedestrians into zombies and create the largest horde.
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Unlimited Money
Dec 13, 2022
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Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a mobile game developed and published by Mobigame. It is an endless runner game in which players control a group of zombies running through a city, avoiding obstacles, and collecting brains to grow their zombie horde.

Zombie Tsunami is a popular mobile game developed by Mobigame. The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms and has been downloaded over 100 million times. The objective of the game is to control a horde of zombies and try to survive as long as possible while collecting coins and power-ups.

Zombie Tsunami


The precept of taking part in Zombie Tsunami is just to eat every part you’ll be able to eat (individuals, automobiles …) decide up cash and dodge obstacles. This Earth has many issues so that you can “bloom”, greater than 300 issues are ready so that you can swallow. Every time you seize the individual you’re going or any human sitting within the automobile, on the practice, on the aircraft, you’ll enhance your variety of monsters and zombies.

The extra zombies you’ve got, the stronger they’re, however no, they’re giant, giant, cumbersome, entangled, simply making it tough so that you can transfer and tougher to keep away from traps on the street. To not point out the velocity of the sport by way of the degrees is getting sooner and sooner, the variety of traps can be extra.

For instance: your herd has just one zombie, you might be free to run and bounce on the street, dodge bombs, keep away from traps… however after consuming human brains for some time, the zombie herd reaches dozens of zombies, shuffled into one another, and adopted one another like centipedes. Think about dragging that lengthy, spherical, fats physique up that approach by way of the streets the place there are bomb traps in every single place, how will you dodge or bounce over bombs like the unique.

In consequence, there’s much less and fewer probability of survival. Every time they hit an impediment, an entire bunch of the tails of the pack sacrificed.

These pitfalls come from human resistance. They’re geared up with a whole lot of fashionable weapons to assault the monsters. Each time you hit these traps, your swarm will drop kind of. Nevertheless, with at the least 1 zombie, there’s nonetheless hope of surviving and elevating troops. However bear in mind, many troops are additionally very arduous.

Another factor is that the cash collected on the best way will probably be used to purchase particular packages for the following flip, purchase ornamental objects or use to extend the variety of zombies, enhance the time of highly effective reworking monsters. excessive.

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Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

More Interesting

Zombie Tsunami, like the app, is a death run across the really poor roads of a metropolis full with appetizing survivors to add to your horde. Sure, mankind will try to stop you, but they are little more than a nuisance, and the actual threat is the other players at the table, each with their own army of zombies. Whoever leaves the city with the most adorable green zombie cubes wins.

The game is played in three increasing rounds, each with a series of little events defined by flipping cards and placing them on the center road board:

Everyone resolves these cards as they come out, and everyone may typically act at the same time, keeping the game moving at 28 Days Later rates. Sometimes lesser incentives, such as new zombie reserves, appear between cards, but the game is essentially based on the quality of these card events…

Dodging cars and jumping over holes

The municipal government has done a bad job of maintaining the roads around here. The potholes are deadly! With these cards, everyone rolls their zombie cubes and loses any that land face-side up, up to the card’s limit. This is essentially a catch-up mechanic, which may not seem like much but is really pretty enjoyable. The fact that zombies (famously) only have one face increases the emotional payoff when they accomplish anything for someone. It’s entertaining and easy to solve. For starters, this is ideal light-hearted party game material.

Moving heavy objects

Numerous automobiles, tanks, buses, and planes have selfishly obstructed the route and must be moved. Yet, the amount of zombies required to move such barriers is generally more than any one player’s collection, revealing Zombie Tsunami’s finest mechanic: groups. Participants choose one of three coloured vote tokens to choose which group they will be in. To see if they succeed, all players in the same group aggregate their total zombies. Failure, by definition, has a cost. Yet you are completely free to influence this vote in any manner you choose, including secretly waving tokens at players you intend to ally with, betraying individuals terribly, and attempting to leave the leader alone. It’s a lot of fun and is only limited by your group’s creativity.

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

Blowing shit up

Nothing a zombie enjoys more than a well-placed explosion, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to blow each other up. This either kills an opponent’s zombie or all the human survivor tokens they may have gathered, implying that your odds of getting devoured as a human are really rather low… Thinking that explosions are a better option? This method gets problematic: it’s virtually never worth grabbing a civilian while explosives are accessible because you can almost always ensure a subsequent player will obliterate them anyhow. Cards like the one above become a vexing non-option. This issue arises whenever the bomb/survivor mechanism is used. That’s not good.

Getting dressed

To try to relieve the bomb issue, you have secret roles each round, with one in particular being the Quarterback, who wants you to blow them up with a bomb (no, I’m not sure what quarterbacks have to do with this either). Nevertheless, I’ve never seen this have much of an impact on the aforementioned issue. There is just one Quarterback available. To make matters worse, the Quarterback player has no control over whether or not they are hit: most of the time, players will direct their bombs at the current leader.

At least the other jobs enable the bearer to participate actively in their accomplishment, although I wouldn’t call them very intriguing or balanced. Tsunami, Ninja, and Big One are far easier to complete than Quarterback or UFO. The Head and Tail are racing to identify the other, which is undoubtedly the best pair of roles. But, one card is randomly tossed each round, possibly upsetting the role, and three, it is only utilised at larger player counts.

Overall, the hidden roles in this story don’t thrill me, and I like concealed knowledge and social inference. This is because there isn’t much scope or motive for determining who the other participants are. Instead, they serve as personal targets, leaving you with the impression that you have accomplished little when you finish them. Zombies should presumably stick to the decaying apparel they usually wear…

Extremely entertaining sport

Many different platforms and particularly cellular have fairly a couple of video games with comparable gameplay to Zombie Tsunami. However this sport attracts because of its actually easy gameplay.

Simply contact the navigation display, even with one hand you’ll be able to nonetheless grasp the sport. You don’t have to spend so much of effort, no time to study, or study any guidelines, simply enter the sport to play. That has made Zombie Tsunami a sport that many individuals select to play after a busy working day.

Lovely photographs, cheerful colours, stuffed with power, upbeat music and many explosions happen alongside the best way.

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

What’s within the Market?

When coming into the Market, you should purchase some benefits firstly equivalent to:

  • Pack of Civilians: There’s a group of individuals out there firstly so that you can eat, serving to you create a bunch of zombies sufficient to destroy the automobile.
  • Double zombies: x2 zombies firstly.
  • +10 Seconds: Will increase period by 10 seconds for every bonus. 10 seconds just isn’t a small period of time in Zombie Tsunami.
  • Cash Bomb: When hitting a bomb, you’ve got a 20% probability to transform to cash as a substitute of shedding a zombie.
  • Cash Automotive: Much like Cash Bomb. You’ll be able to convert automobiles into cash on contact as a substitute of being blocked.
  • Lottery Ticket: Fortunate ticket for individuals who love playing. Costing 1000 cash, the fortunate ticket can provide you diamonds and uncommon objects. Nevertheless, I don’t assume it’s worthwhile for you.

Zombie upgrade

And never simply zombies. Throughout the means of taking part in Zombie Tsunami, there will probably be many instances a mysterious field seems, consuming it could possibly rework your swarm into one other kind equivalent to a ninja, rugby participant, or big zombie… Quite a lot of monsters will seem, they’ve totally different seems, sizes, and talents, and solely final for a short while, then return to the unique zombie picture. Make the most of the highly effective talents of this new monster, eat a whole lot of cash, and overcome many obstacles to attain factors..

  • Tsunami: True to the secret, that is essentially the most highly effective improve. Summons a tsunami that grants you immortality and destroys every part.
  • Ninja: All zombies flip into ninjas, throw darts and slash every part. Ninja can bounce twice (double jumps), however can die if you fall into the pit.
  • GiantZ: All zombies mix into one big zombie, with laser eyes.
  • Dragon: Transforms right into a dragon, able to flying. Nevertheless, dragons can shorten, primarily based on what number of zombies you’ve got.
  • Quaterbacks: All zombies flip into rugby gamers, can collide with every part with energy. Nevertheless, they’re fairly sluggish and simple to fall into the pit.
  • Balloon: Every little thing is reversed. Zombies robotically fly up, it’s essential to control to let the zombies come down.
  • UFO: A persistent UFO offers you additional zombies.
  • Gold: Flip every part into cash.
Zombie Tsunami MOD APK


After finishing degree 2, you’ll be able to unlock birds to help you in your countless journey. For 30 diamonds an egg, you unlock any fowl with 5 rarity Widespread, Fairly Uncommon, Uncommon, Very Uncommon, Extremely Uncommon. The rarer the birds, the extra they will do for you. And they’re so cute!

The Z Team

The hurdles are the most fascinating street card right now. This may be a vehicle, a bus, a tank, or even a plane that you must conquer, but you must do so as a team. You may recall that I mentioned three coloured gems that you are given at the start of the game, and this is where you utilise them.

To conquer the barrier, you must establish a ‘team,’ and the total number of zombies in each player’s possession within their team must equal or surpass the quantity given on the card, otherwise you will lose zombies. What I like about this is that deceit, backstabbing, and bluffing are explicitly encouraged, and the rules even indicate that you can physically display an opponent how you would vote….and then vote differently if you like.

Your hidden goal or the quantity of zombies you own may impact your voting. If you have a lot, try to avoid establishing a team with players that rely on your zombies to get over the hurdle. If you just have a few zombies, you’ll be frantic to convince someone to join forces with you so your zombies can survive to bite another day.

Near the conclusion of the game, there is an optional leap where you may risk as many zombies as you want in order to gain more zombies. This implies that even if you aren’t winning at this stage, you can make one final desperate attempt at all or nothing to win the game.

Killing a Zombird

There is also a Zombirds expansion, which includes a pet/mascot that grants players an additional special ability and adds another secret bonus objective card to the mix. It also features ‘Events,’ which bring a bit more diversity to the game by influencing your decisions, forcing you to lose a coin, a zombie, or even expose your hidden mission card to an opponent.

The makers want you to include Zombirds right away, which I agree with because you’re basically introducing more chaos to a game that appears to be created for, and feeds on, turmoil. The one complaint I have is that because there is no language on the cards, we frequently had to return to the rule book to remind ourselves what each of the Zombird and Event cards performed.

The other issue is that the rules do not clarify how purchasing Zombird cards works – there are three cards integrated into the shop cards that allow you to purchase an additional Zombird, but it does not clarify the process by which they are implemented or discarded, so it would be helpful if the rule book could be amended to remove any doubt.

Graphics and sounds

The graphics in Zombie Tsunami are fairly eye-catching. Vivid colours, beautiful witty photographs regardless that this can be a zombie sport. The primary character of the zombie herd and all of the monsters that you’ll rework when taking part in are fairly deformed, distorted and humorous.

The effects of explosion, dropping or grabbing individuals are additionally fairly spectacular, generally amusing, particularly if you see the entire swarm fall to the underside of the cliff.


One of the strengths of Zombie Tsunami is its replayability. The game is endlessly replayable as the player can always try to survive longer and collect more coins to unlock new zombies and power-ups. The game also includes daily challenges and leaderboards, allowing players to compete against each other for the highest score.

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Money

Try Subway Surfers, Angry Birds

Zombie Tsunami is a fun and addictive mobile game. The simple but challenging gameplay, colorful graphics, and replayability make it a great game to play on the go. The game is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Note: This is a short overview of the game, If you want more detail about the game please let me know what you want to know specifically.

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